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Meriden Rotary Club 1 December 2019 8th Annual Fun Run
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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still have a question, please use the form on the “Enquiry” page and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as we can.

What is a Santa Fun Run

First of all, it is not a race. This is a Fun Run of 4 kilometres through the village of Meriden. You can run, jog or walk it. It is open to any age and ability, individual, family or group, you decide. As part of the fun run, the entry fee includes a Santa Suit for you to wear during the run. You may keep the suit. All entrants will receive a medal upon completion of the course.
For health & safety reasons, no skateboards, roller blades, cycling, etc., will be allowed on the run.

What is the aim of the Fun Run

First of all, it will be fun. But the real aim is to raise funds for our charities. We hope you will raise sponsorship when you do the Fun Run. We also allow you to raise funds for your own charities. Just let us know how much you raised so we know how successful the run has been.

How fit do I have to be

This is very much a fun run and the majority of people entering will not be serious runners. The event is all about taking part, so whether you run, jog or walk, we really don’t mind.

Medical record form

We strongly recommend that you complete a medical record, regardless of whether you have a medical condition or not. The reason being that our first aiders cannot administer any drugs without this form. It will help them to help you in case of a medical emergency.

What does it cost

The entry fee is:

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times on the course.

The entry fee covers administration, running costs, the Santa Suit and a commemorative medal. Any money left over will go to our charities. We regret that we cannot refund your registration fee once you have paid.

How much should I raise in sponsorship

To help our charities we hope that each entrant will raise as much as possible by obtaining sponsorships. Raising money for good causes makes all the effort worthwhile. You can download a sponsor form or you can use the Virgin Money Giving site by clicking the button on the “Registration” page. All monies raised must be paid in no later than 31st January 2017.

What is the route and how difficult is it

The route is shown on the “Route” page. The route is easy going and suitable for all abilities. There will be stewards at key points to guide you. HTM will be providing temporary traffic lights and other traffic management. We want to make the run as safe as possible.

What do I get for my entry fee

You will be given a Santa Suit (one size for adults and a smaller size for children). If you have registered, you can collect your Santa Suit from the Budgen shop in Meriden from 17 November onwards. Simply show your confirmation of registration. This way you can arrive at the start already dressed as Santa.

When should I enter

The sooner, the better. You can register on the “Registration” page either online or using the registration form. We do allow registration on the day, but we really hope you will register beforehand and raise sponsorship for your run.

Can I enter on the day

Yes, we will accept registrations on the day. Make sure you arrive in good time. We do hope you register beforehand as that makes it easier for all of us and you will have received your Santa Suit before the event.

What happens if I am ill or just can't make it on the day

If you are ill, please do not attempt to come.  Your health and well-being comes first. We regret however that there can be no refunds for non-attendance.

We do recommend that all participants complete a “Medical record” form where you can record your medical details and the person to contact in case of any emergencies. Please carry this with you during the event.

Where will the money raised go

This Fun Run is in aid of the following charities:

- Marie Curie Cancer Care

- Other local and Rotary Charities

A number of us want to run together, can we send one cheque to cover us all

Yes, just send the forms in together with one cheque to cover everyone or you can register online.  You may like to display your group's, company or your name on your Santa suits - it's free advertising!

I am a wheelchair user, can I take part

Yes you can, but you must be accompanied by a suitable helper. And don’t forget the Medial form. Please start from the back.

Can I bring a pushchair or buggy

Yes, but we would ask that you start at the back and are aware of and are considerate to other participants along the way.

What about dogs

You are welcome to bring dogs but make sure that they are on a lead and that you start at the back. Please note that you cannot take your dog through the Meriden Sports Grounds.

Can my sponsors use Gift Aid to maximise the amount raised

Yes please! Encourage your sponsors, if they are UK Tax payers, to tick the "Gift Aid" box on the sponsorship form. This enables us to obtain gift aid on your sponsorship at no cost to you or your sponsor. Do understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. You also understand we will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that you give. It is important that each sponsor provides their home address and postal code. If this is not completed, the Inland Revenue will not agree to Gift Aid.

How do I arrange sponsorship

You can download a sponsorship form for you to use. Click the button on the “Registration” page. You can start your own on-line sponsorship by using the Virgin Money Giving website. Use the button on the “Registration” page to go to the Virgin Money Giving site.

Santa suit collection

So that you are wearing your Santa suit when you do the run, we will be distributing them in the 2 weeks before the event. We will let you know where and when you can collect your suit.

Do I have to sign-in when I arrive

Yes. For health & safety reasons, we need to know who is taking part, so it is important that everyone signs in on arrival. We recommend that you also carry a completed “Medical record” form with you during the run.

Changing facilities at the venue

There will be marquees available at the Meriden Hall grounds. These will be for people to change, for the signing-in, registrations and for refreshments.  

Lockers for your possessions

We will not provide individual lockers.

What do I need to wear

You should wear comfortable and warm clothing under the Santa Suit suitable for the weather conditions on the day. Suitable footwear is recommended.

Can I park at the venue

Parking at Meriden Hall is available, but limited. Parking at Meriden Hall and close-by may mean a delayed departure until the event is finished. The Strawberry Bank Hotel have generously allowed participants to park at the Hotel.

Are there toilets

Yes, there will be toilet facilities at Meriden Hall and also at the Meriden Sports field.

Can someone else run instead of me

No. For health & safety and insurance reasons, we need to know exactly who you are from your registration.

What time should I arrive at the venue

Aim to get there by 10.15am. This will leave enough time to register and for runners and joggers to warm up.


The Santa Fun Run is not a serious running event so we will not be recording results.

Frequently asked questions