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Meriden Rotary Club 6 December 2015
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Date and time

It was held on Sunday 6th December 2015


£12 registration fee per adult

£6 for children under 16 years


We hope you will raise money for our charities by finding people to sponsor you.


What you get:

A Santa suit to do the run in, which you may keep, and a medal when you finish the course as proof that you did it.

Who can run:

Anybody can take part. Individuals as well as whole families or groups.

For more information see the FAQ page.

Corporate Sponsors

Many thanks to our Corporate sponsors for making this another successful Fun Run. Especially HTML for providing the traffic management.

As you can see, your sponsorship is recognised on this website

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Welcome to the 4th Meriden Santa Fun Run

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Undeterred by the weather, around 135 Santas took part in our Santa Fun Run on:

Sunday 6th December 2015

With the help of an instructor warming them up, the participants all dressed in Santa Suits, set of on the 4 km route to have fun and raise money for our good causes.

Despite the stormy weather the previous day and the rain during the Fun Run, the participants enjoyed themselves.

Have a look at the movie of the start of the race.

And for those that ran the course, here are the results, although it has to be stressed that this is a Fun Run not a race:

1st. Ian Billingsley (19 minutes)
2nd. David Craig
3rd. Michael Walker
Joint 4th. Adam Lovatt - 8 years old and his Dad Chris Lovatt.
1st. Female: Janet Lloyd-Bunt

A big “thank you” to everybody that did the Fun Run on Sunday for your support. We look forward to welcoming you at our next Meriden Santa Fun Run.

The amount raised this year is about £4,000. Many thanks to all who raised this magnificent amount. The pictures are available and we are working on publishing them soon.

Please leave a message in our Guest Book if you enjoyed it. It will tell others how great a time you had or you can “Like” our Facebook page.

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