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Meriden Rotary Club 11 December 2016
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Manor Hotel, Meriden

Date and time

Sunday 11 December 2016

Start time: 11 am

Where: Meriden Hall (Pertemps)


£12 registration fee per adult

£6 for children under 16 years


We hope you will raise money for our charities by finding people to sponsor you.


other local and Rotary Charities

What you get:

A Santa suit to do the run in, which you may keep, and a medal when you finish the course as proof that you did it.

Who can run:

Anybody can take part. Individuals as well as whole families or groups.

More information:

For more information see the FAQ page.

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other local and Rotary  Charities In aid of Sponsors

Welcome to the 5th Meriden Santa Fun Run

Marie Curie Cancer Care Saltem - At all events Jobs @ Pertemps

We are doing another Santa Fun Run and the date for this event is:

Sunday 11th December 2016

Registration is now open.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 5th Meriden Santa Fun Fun. If you enjoyed last year’s Fun Run or you like to participate in this year’s, go to the registration page and register yourselves, your family or your team.

For those that have registered, you can collect your Santa outfit from 26 November from the SPAR shop in Meriden. Just show them your registration confirmation.

There is limited car park space at Meriden Hall. For additional car parking, “The Strawberry Bank” has kindly allowed participants to park in their car park.

Refreshments are kindly provided by the Manor Hotel at the start of the “Fun Run” offering Mulled Wine, hot chocolate and coffee.

We have changed the way you register for this event. The registration is via the Eventbrite website where you can register yourselves, your family, your team, actually any number of entries. You just input the number of adult and/or children registrations you need. You also have the option to leave a donation when you register. You will receive a confirmation email with the ticket number(s). You use that when you collect your Santa suit(s). We hope that by doing the registration this way it will be easier than in previous years. We will appreciate your comments later so we know what your experience is.

This Fun Run is to raise money for our charities, so we hope that you will use the sponsorship form or Virgin Money Giving site to raise funds. Many thanks for that in advance. If you wish to raise money for your own charities, that is very much encouraged. Just let us know how much you raised so we know how successful our event was.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the form on the Enquiry page. We try to answer them as soon as we can.

If you are on Facebook, please like our page so it gets the widest attention.

Corporate Sponsors

We are seeking corporate sponsors to help in the running of this Fun Run. If you know of a sponsor, like to become one or like to know more, please use the form on the “Enquiry” page to inform us. As you can see, your sponsorship will be recognised on this website

SPAR shop in Meriden G H Pearman Agricultural engineers